Applecross High School Chaplaincy

The Applecross SHS Chaplaincy is a joint, ecumenical endeavour, to support a chaplain at the school.


The Applecross District Council of YouthCare has had a year of change, with a new Chairman, new Secretary and the resignation of primary school Chaplains.

Our area Chaplain, Raymond Shanhun, has had a busy year but has kept us informed with replacing chaplains in four of our five primary schools. This has been achieved and we look forward to a productive year ahead. Esther - Applecross HS chaplain

Esther Deng, the Applecross Senior High School Chaplain who came to talk to the Parish at a Sunday Service recently, gave us some insight into her work.   We admire her enthusiasm and energy and the Applecross High School staff are very supportive of her too.

The Federal Government, as part of a three year funding grant, supports chaplains to work for two days a week in the primary schools; Sue Cooke has been appointed to Mt Pleasant Primary and Bec Kilgour (Thomas) to Ardross and Applecross Primary School. The seven local churches contribute to the salary of the full time High School Chaplain. There was a very successful Ecumenical Dinner in the hall last month and the District Council also hopes to hold a film evening later in the year and we look forward to your support. We are also keen to promote in the community the work of the school chaplains by holding a breakfast later in the year to involve service organisations and local businesses. We have been supported by a grant from the City of Melville for $5000 annually for three years and there have been generous personal donations.

I would like to thank Leonie Kirke who has been Secretary of the District Council for over a decade, her wise counsel and experience as a respected educator on the Council has been much appreciated. We also thank the Treasurer Marie Bergyl, and Nola Powell who has run the SRE Programme at Mt Pleasant Primary School for many years.

We ask our Parish parents to support the Chaplains in the local schools and ask the Parish as a whole to continue with financial support and to keep the Chaplains, SRE teachers, students and the Local District Council in your prayers.

Elizabeth Calder, Secretary