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Coffee, Craft and Conversation

This group was started a few years ago by Julianne Maisey. Julianne stepped down during the year to devote more time to other pursuits and many thanks must go to her for her time and efforts on the group‟s behalf.

This past year the group has continued to flourish with numbers growing to approximately 15 on some days. Most members are Anglican Parish of Applecross parishioners but we also welcome those who are not.

The coffee and conversation is always plentiful, however the craft is at the whim of each individual and the latter is not a necessity to belong to the group.

Ladies Guild

Our Ladies Guild has decided to go into recess for six months and to assess their situation again later in the year.

Mothers' Union..and sub-heading, a span.

Applecross Branch meets on the third Monday of each month at St George‟s
Church at 1.30pm for a short service followed by a meeting as well as a guest
speaker, if available. We have twenty members within our circle and we
usually have ten members joining us on a regular basis.

Our theme for 2012 is, „Faith, Hope, Love‟.

Anglican Men's Society...and sub-heading, a span.

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Mens' Monday Work Group...and sub-heading, a span.

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